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Benefits of Using DFI Mail 1. Allows you to concentrate on your core business instead of statement preparation. 2. Eliminates the expense of printing, inserting and mailing statements in-house. 3. Our centralized location means that statements can be delivered anywhere in the U.S. quickly. 4. Statements are typically in the postal system within 24 hours of transmission, providing for better communication with your clients and improved cash flow. 5. Our clients' mailings range from 10 pieces to over 200,000 pieces. 6. We handle both domestic and international mailings. 7. Minimize the purchasing of forms, envelopes and printer supplies.

"Does the thought of mailing your weekly or daily invoices

frighten you by it's time or cost?" DFI Mail is the answer.



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To glorify God.


To be a profitable business.


To serve our customers in an honest, reputable manner with a quality product and service.


To provide good employment to good people.